Real Estate Agency

We want you to find your dream property. We have the range of property for sale, and the specialist knowledge and experience, to cover all your property needs.

We established ourselves on Kea (Tzia) in 1997, as the only estate agents on the island, and have been organizing the buying and selling of property on the island since then.

The support of our clients has enabled us to:

  • Complete many property transactions, gaining a good reputation for success and honesty.
  • Compile a database of property for sale so that clients can view the properties they might be interested in, based on their requirements and means.
  • Become uniquely knowledgeable about current property conditions on the island (the only one on which we operate) and covering all matters relating to buying, selling, transfers etc and at the same time covering technical issues relating to building, archaeological regulations, forestry regulations, planning permission and building certificates.

We thank you for your interest and hope that you will help us fulfill your dreams on our lovely island.