Construction Company

My father, who is a Civil Engineer, let me work on construction sites during my summer holidays, as a "builder's assistant's assistant", from the age of 12. I qualified as a Civil Engineer, in 1972, specializing in both private and public construction.

My relationship with Kea (Tzia) goes back to 1962 when, as a child, I was a regular visitor to a local friend of mine (who remains my friend today). In 1989 I built a summerhouse here, perhaps as you plan to do. In 1992 I decided to start working on the island, starting with building houses, for friends and other clients. In 1997 I decided to move here permanently, so that, I could oversee my work personally. I now work exclusively on Kea.

I set up, with the help of my colleagues, a fully operational office. We visit work sites daily to organize and oversee building works. This regular contact with our work enables us to avoid problems and prevent poor workmanship.

Based on my extensive experience of local traditional architecture and construction, and with the full support and help of my specialist partners, we have studied projects and built, a large number of houses, gaining many new friends in the process. We have all the capabilities you need, to help you get exactly what you are looking for.

E.M.G. Ioannidis, Civil Engineer